Defensive Shooting - Pistol



Practical scenarios are set up and you as a shooter may resolve this in a free style manner. The gun of your choice may be used and will be categorise to give you a fair chance to measure your proficiency. Your time will be taken and combined with the score, display your effectiveness. This set of practical measurements is far more superior to ANY shooting discipline you will find. This adrenaline driven sport code will prepare you for all situations and are on top of development and advances in all spheres.



Your shooting skills will drastically improve when you participate in this sport. The safe handling of your firearm will be your first achievement and the proficiency on the handling of it will develop as much as your commitment. Competitions will be presented on Club, Provincial and National Level.  This will prepare you beyond any shooting discipline for real life situations, while participating in a truly fun sport.  The minimum caliber that is used is 9mm parabelum


This Club has produced most of the country's international competitors. We will take you through a training process that will start with safe handling and progress to the latest developments that is used worldwide. Proper trigger control, combined with grip is fundamental to your shooting career. The only aspect that can hold you back to achieve the highest level, is your absence. Come and join us in our strive to Practical Shooting Excellence.
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